Choir Books for Ordinary Time (C) II
May 16 - August 7, 2016

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    Glory to God:  chanted (Lee/Liu)
    Gospel Acclamation:  Mesa Kahiko (Mondoy)
    Mass:  Mass of Creation [Revised] (Haugen)
    Lord's Prayer & Final Doxology:  chanted
    Lamb of God:  Mass for a New World (Haas)

      HT    Psalm 8 "Great is your name, Lord" [Koali] (Mondoy)
      BB    Psalm 110 "You are a priest forever" (Mondoy)
    10th    Psalm 30 "I will praise you Lord" (Mondoy)
    11th    Psalm 32 "O Lord, forgive the guilt of my sin" (Mondoy)
    12th    Psalm 63 "My Soul Is Thirsting" [Harana] (Mondoy)
    13th    Psalm 16 "Lord, you are my future" (Mondoy)
    14th    Psalm 66 “Let all the earth” [Me ka nani a‘o Kaupo] (Mondoy)
    15th    Psalm 19 "Your words, Lord, are Spirit and Life" (Mondoy)
    16th    Psalm 15 "They who act with justice" (Mondoy)
    17th    Psalm 138 "On the Day I Called" (Cooney) |
    18th    Psalm 90 "Listen, Listen to God’s Voice Today" (Mondoy)

      HT    Achieved Is the Glorious Work from "The Creation" (Haydn)   sop   alt   ten   bas
      BB    Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)   sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    10th    In the Shadow of Your Wings (Leavitt)   sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    11th    It is Well with My Soul (Matheny)    vocal
    12th    O How Blessed (Bruckner)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    13th    How Lovely are the Messengers from "St. Paul" (Mendelssohn)    sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    14th    Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You (Wagner)    sop   alt   ten   bas
    15th    Ave Maria (Haydn)   sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    16th    Beautiful Savior (arr. Fettke)  sop/alt   ten/bas  |
    17th    Teach Me, O Lord (Attwood)   sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    18th    Cantate Domino (Pitoni)  sop   alt   ten   bas  |