Choir Books for Ordinary Time (B) III
August 1 - September 30, 2018

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    Glory to God:  chanted (Lee/Liu)
    Gospel Acclamation:  Mesa Kahiko (Mondoy)
    Mass:  Mass of Creation (Haugen)
    Lord's Prayer & Final Doxology:  chanted
    Lamb of God:  Mass for a New World (Haas)

    18th    Psalm 78 "The Lord gave them bread from heaven" (Kogut)
    19th    Psalm 34 "Taste and See" [Ka Mo‘i] (Mondoy)
    DED   Psalm 84 "How lovely is your dwelling place" [Kaililau](Mondoy)
    20th    Psalm 34 "Taste and See" (Haugen)
    21st    Psalm 34 "Taste and See" [Harana] (Mondoy)
    22nd   Psalm 15 "They who act with justice" [Pono] (Mondoy)
    23rd    Psalm 146 "Praise the Lord, My Soul" [Ka ‘Uhane] (Mondoy) <===NEW
    24th    Psalm 116 "I will walk with the Lord" (Mondoy)
    25th    Psalm 54 "God alone guards my life" (Mondoy)
    26th    Psalm 19 "Your words, Lord, are Spirit and Life" (Mondoy)

    18th    Ave Verum Corpus (Guilmant)   sop  alt  ten  bas
    19th    O Sacrum Convivium (Remondi, arr. Liu)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    DED   Gloria in excelsis Deo from Gloria in D, RV 589 (Vivaldi)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    20th    Holy Ground (Davis/Beatty-arr.Liu)    sop/alt   ten/bas
    21st    Ave Verum Corpus (Gounod)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    22nd   Ua Mau (Keale, arr. Liu)  sop/alt  ten/bas
    23rd   Lokomaika‘i! He Nani No! (Newton, arr. Naluai)  Sop/Alto   Ten/Bas 
    24th   Domine, Fili unigenite from Gloria in D, RV 589 (Vivaldi)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    25th   His Eye Is On the Sparrow  (Gabriel)    sop/alt   ten/bas
    26th   The Glory of the Lord (Marcello)    sop    alt    ten    bas