Choir Books for Ordinary Time (A) - III
August 17 - October 5, 2014

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    Glory to God:  chanted (Lee)
    Gospel Acclamation:  Triumphant Cross Mass (Mondoy)
    Mass:  Pastorale Symphony Mass (Beethoven, arr. Liu)
    Lord's Prayer & Final Doxology:  chanted
    Lamb of God:  Sing Praise and Thanksgiving (Joncas)

    20th    Psalm 67 "O God, may the nations praise you" (Haas)
    21st    Psalm 138 "Lord, your love is eternal" (Stewart)
    22nd   Psalm 63 "My Soul Is Thirsting" [Harana] (Mondoy)
    23rd    Psalm 95 "Listen today to God's voice" (Mondoy)
  EotHC  Psalm 78 "Do not forget the works of the Lord" (Mondoy)
    25th    Psalm 145 "To those who call upon the Lord" (Mondoy)
    26th    Psalm 25 "Remember your mercies, O Lord" (Haas)
    27th    Psalm 80 "The Vineyard of the God of Hosts" (Mondoy)

    20th    Cantate Domino (Pitoni)  sop   alt   ten   bas  |
    21st    Beautiful Savior (arr. Fettke)  sop/alt   ten/bas
    22nd   O How Blessed (Bruckner)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    23rd    O Come Let us Sing to the Lord  (Harris)
  EotHC  Salvator Mundi (Tallis)   sop   alt   ten   bas1   bas2  |  click  |
    25th    All the Way (Kleiman)   Sop/Alt   Ten/Bas
    26th    It is Well with My Soul   Choir  (Matheny)
    27th    Prayer of Saint Francis (Temple-arr. Mondoy/Liu)   sop/alt   ten/bas

               I Was Glad (Sowerby)   sop   alt   ten   bas  |  click  |
               O Deus Ego Amo Te (anon. 18th C. Hymn)   sop   alt   ten   bas
               How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (Brahms)  sop   alt   ten   bas  |  click  |