Choir Books for Ordinary Time (A) II
June 15 - August 14, 2014

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    Glory to God:  chanted (Lee)
    Gospel Acclamation:  Mesa Kahiko (Mondoy)
    Mass of Creation (Haugen) [REVISED]
    Lord's Prayer & Final Doxology:  chanted
    Lamb of God:  Mass for a New World (Haas)

     TRI    Daniel 3 "Glory and praise forever!" (Mondoy)
   B&B    Psalm 147 "Jerusalem, give glory" (Mondoy)
    P&P   Psalm 34 "May the angel of God" (Mondoy)
    14th    Psalm 145 "I will praise your name" (Haas)
    15th    Psalm 65 "You keep your promise" (Mondoy)
    16th    Psalm 86 "You are good and forgiving" (Mondoy)
    17th    Psalm 119 "How I love your law, O Lord" (Mondoy)
    18th    Psalm 145 "You open wide your hand" (Mondoy)
    19th    Psalm 85 "Let us see, O Lord, your salvation" (Mondoy)
    20th    Psalm 67 "O God, May the Nations Praise You" (Haas)

     TRI    God so Loved the World (Stainer)   sop   alt   ten   bas 
   B&B    Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart)    sop   alt   ten   bas
    P&P   How Lovely are the Messengers from "St. Paul" (Mendelssohn)    sop   alt   ten   bas
    14th    Come to Me, All Who Labor  (Purifoy)
    15th    Ave Maria (Biebl)    sop   alt   ten   bas
    16th    Sound the Trumpet! Praise Him! (Haydn/Brahms)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    17th     I See Him (Oldenburg)    sop/alt   ten/bas
    18th    Panis Angelicus (Franck)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    19th    On Jordan's Stormy Banks (Curry)   sop   alt   ten   bas
    20th    O How Amiable (Vaughan-Williams)   sop/alt   ten/bas